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Archive for April, 2003

I’m back.

I’m back now. Cornerhost, my provider, got the rug pulled out from underneath it by their server provider, Serverbeach. Michal, our hard-working sysadmin, has been scrambling since Saturday early morning to set up new servers at Rackspace. He deserves a hand. Share this:Close Bookmark and Share This Page Save to Browser Favorites / BookmarksAskbackflipblinklistBlogBookmarkBloglinesBlogMarksBlogsvineBuddyMarksBUMPzee!CiteULikeco.mmentsConnoteadel.icio.usDiggdiigoDotNetKicksDropJackdzoneFacebookFarkFavesFeed [...]

The Anarchist in the Library.

Slashdot directed me to an interview with Siva Vaidhyanathan about “Cultural Democracy” and, namely, his new book, The Anarchist in the Library. Vaidhyanathan’s two books are on my must-read list now (they sound in a similar vein to Lessig’s The Future of Ideas, which is absolutely required reading for understanding the current plight of [...]

Update on the car.

Update on James’ car: $250 parts and labor to replace the fan belt (and unwind the old one from the fan) and fix some other minor things which James couldn’t remember from the receipt.

Thankfully, the doomsday scenarios didn’t pan out: the head gasket didn’t blow, and the engine block didn’t crack, either of [...]

Copyright nuttiness.

An implicit commentary on the current state of international copyright. The link contains links to online texts which have ceded to the public domain in Australia, where copyright expires 50 years after the author’s death. In the US, copyright extends 95 years after publication. Therefore, if you are subject to US law, [...]

“Exposing” the Neocons.

Interesting article about the intellectual genealogy of the “neocons”, or neoconservatives (which, according to the article, is a misnomer). This is a term that is getting bandied about a lot– I’m not sure how new it is, but I’d never heard it before last fall. I don’t think I’m one myself, but I [...]

The librarians are restless.

If you haven’t heard about the Patriot Act, you ought to. It got ramrodded through Congress shortly after 9/11, and it contains not a few shady points which most people who aren’t friends of John Ashcroft think give law enforcement agencies far too much power to snoop around. Shadows of 1984– the phrase [...]

Well, that was exciting.

Easter Sunday began at 9:30am with Steve, my ride, banging on my door. My alarm, once set for 8:30am, made not a peep. After a minute of confusion, I suddenly realized the time and remembered that church starts at 9:45am. Oops.

5 minutes later, I was clothed, though unwashed and unshaved. Too bad. [...]

In the Light

Outta the darkness / the Father has sparked this. / the spirit’s alive / while the flesh is a carcass. / If you’re seriously curious about my past, / well I once was lost / but I’m free at last. Only DC Talk could get it that right. ;) And a light shines in [...]

Good Friday

So, it’s Good Friday. Or, at least, it was. I went to my first Good Friday service tonight. Let everything I said last post apply here as well. I’m feeling very at peace.

In other news, my friend Robert is dropping by at three. 3am, that is. He’s at some [...]

Holy Week

It’s Maundy Thursday, and classes are over with. This is really the first year that I’ve observed Lent, and participated fully in the tradition and pageantry of the season, and only now am I beginning to see the power and beauty of the liturgy.

Rebecca West called the liturgy one of the highest forms of [...]