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Archive for May, 2003

Moving on out.

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p>By the way, for any of you webheads out there (you know who you are), I highly recommend the W3C’s MarkUp Validation Service. As you might notice from the bottom of the page, I keep a

All your frames are belong to us.

So, for my so-easy-it-disgusts-me-but-hey-its-two-credits web design class, our “big project” is due on Tuesday. Required elements: frames, a javascript clock, and a javascript rollover, among other things. I have created a monster. Witness it in all its glory.

The sad thing is, things like this are… kinda fun to make. If [...]

Lock up the silverware.

This article is just too bizarre not to post. The short of it: food workers at UN headquarters stage a walkout because of a contract dispute; UN staff and diplomats are left without lunch; UN staff and diplomats loot the cafeterias, from entire turkeys and souffles down to the silverware.

They didn’t even have [...]

Walk in the rain.

If, during a storm, you turn off the computer and all the lights, you’ll barely notice when the power goes out. If you have electric lights outside, say, in the parking lot, these will go out, and the world will seem more at peace with itself. That’s all.

If, during a storm, you go [...]