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Archive for September, 2003

Pull the nails from the wall.

Worked outside today, putting up siding. Did you know that siding is much easier to put up on a wall than it is to take down? Yes folks, I can confirm it.

In other news, it snowed today. No accumulation, but IT SNOWED IN SEPTEMBER.

It’s just not right. It’s just not natural.

Global [...]

The joys of risk management.

Two fellows from Risk Management down at the College were up at camp the last two days, inspecting things. At the top of the list: lead build-up at the rifle range. Apparently, you can just reach down and scoop up handfuls of lead and lead arsenic anywhere around the target stands. Fun times [...]

The Matrix has us.

The theatrical trailer for The Matrix: Revolutions is out. Two words: Wow.


p>Also, just because: The Matrix: ReSeussed.



Now plug them back in again, one by one.

Geeking out today. I took Monday off, so I’m working all day. Current task: learn Access 2000. I figured out the frustration I was feeling wasn’t due to my inability to understand what the Access 2000 Bible was trying to tell me, but due to the fact that the book simply sucks; [...]

Pull the wires from the wall.

Feeling vaguely anti-technology today. Struggled with Windows XP and its hired thugs (i.e. Dreamweaver MX) all morning. At the same time, thinking about the Technology Orientations I have to give to staff today. Why do we have all this technology here at HoneyRock, when we’re trying to be a “Place Apart”? [...]

Bring me a brain, Igor.

So I’m stuck here in my basement laboratory the Wheaton College Yearbook Office. Been here all weekend, surrounded by sullen and hostile machines who desire no less than my demise. Yes, I am the long-overdue-for-retirement 2003 Tower Editor-in-Chief, may I soon rest in peace.

Adobe Pagemaker 6.5+, running in the Classic Environment aboard Mac [...]

For those who have forgotten…

This has happened before.

A nip in the air.

There’s a bite in the air—a nip, even. The mornings are crisp but bright. I have not seen such blue sky in too long.

I worked outside today, in shirtsleeves, putting cedar siding on the new cabins. I used a belt sander and a circular saw. I stained fresh cuts and I [...]

The colophon.

The 2003 Tower is a product of the blood, sweat, and occasional tears of a select band of Wheaton students, each a volunteer in his or her own right. Even if some of them did get paid a bit.

The 2003 Tower was laid out on an Apple Macintosh 733 Mhz PowerPC G4 named [...]


Well, here we are again; ever since that day– you know the one I mean (we have to keep on going back to this, I guess, until it’s all been done and settled; we are suffering a lack

of closure, so I hear,

because it touched us all, and

we’ve never really been the same–