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Archive for October, 2003

The future is more less extreme than you think.

Back in April I came up with a list of “possibilities” for the Fall. Here’s a quick summary of how it’s developing:

Sea-kayak across the Bering Strait. Need to learn to kayak first. Corner the market in pork. Still trying to find a broker who won’t laugh at me. Walk across the country. Maybe later. Memorize War & [...]

The terrible secret of space.

Space has a terrible power. We are here to protect you.

Pak chooie unf.

Geeking out.

As of yesterday, I now have dual monitors on my work computer. The primary one is a 17″ Dell Trinitron. The secondary (and new addition) is a little 14″ Dell flatscreen that’s been sitting around collecting dust. The beauty of this setup: I use a 4-port KVM switch to work on [...]

Sunset on Long Lake.

We leave the dining hall for the waterfront. A certain slant of light draws us there. Beyond the trees, a fading sunset dims warmly above the calming water. Light like rich fabric adorns this fall evening—rich silky dark blues, deep woven purples, velvet crimsons and fiery cashmere oranges, befitting the personages of Mother [...]

Better than you probably think.

Two political entries in two days. This one from a Bush speech (or excerpts and commentary from the Washington Post, as the case may be):

America cannot retreat from our responsibilities and hope for the best. Our security will not be gained by timid measures. Our security requires constant vigilance and decisive action. I believe [...]

A voice of reason in the UN.

Interesting article at the top of the stack on Google News in the World Press Review, by Sergio Vieira de Mello, the United Nations’ former High Commissioner for Human Rights, entitled “Making the United Nations Function.” An excerpt:

A sign of the political failure of our time, such episodes show the lack of understanding [...]

Frustration is a dead mouse in the wall.

Frustration is a dead mouse in the wall. The smell comes on slowly, bit by bit, so that you barely notice it at first. Too soon though, the stench becomes overwhelming. You bolt into action, pulling boxes, furniture, junk, out and away, searching for the source. But there is nothing. [...]