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The future is more less extreme than you think.

This is a part of "The Future".

Series contents:

  1. The future
  2. The future is more less extreme than you think.
  3. The future is something else entirely.

Back in April I came up with a list of “possibilities” for the Fall. Here’s a quick summary of how it’s developing:

  • Sea-kayak across the Bering Strait. Need to learn to kayak first.
  • Corner the market in pork. Still trying to find a broker who won’t laugh at me.
  • Walk across the country. Maybe later.
  • Memorize War & Peace. I found my copy finally. No progress otherwise.
  • Write the Great American Novel. Ask me in December.
  • Join the Peace Corps (which Steve might actually do). A strike on both counts.
  • Become a human shield in Iraq (or Syria). Just ain’t what it used to be.
  • Push-ups. I’ve done about 25 so far.
  • Eat Altoids Not in my budget.
  • Worry about the future. Bingo.
  • Drive across the country. Yes.
  • Skydive. No.
  • Worry about the past. Not so much.
  • Get married. To whom? Dunno. Somebody. Still looking for Ms. Right.
  • Climb every mountain. No mountains in Wisconsin.
  • Sing. That’s why God gave us lungs.
  • And last but not least… Get a job. Yes! I’m not a worthless piece of scum! I have buying power!

I will periodically update this list as my deeds of renown without peer come along. Stay tuned.

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