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It’s beginning to look a lot like winter.

Well the weather outside is frightful, and this screen is so delightful… Let it snow, indeed. We have at least 4 inches now, with more on the way. Everyone here is breathing a collective sigh of relief. Last winter, they didn’t get any significant snow until February. Looks like we’ll have plenty soon enough, and I’m wondering how soon it will be before they open up the ski trails. Soon, real soon, if the weather holds.

We played broom ball over at the Millers’ on Saturday night. First of all, if you’ve never heard of broom ball (and I never had, until I arrived in the Northwoods), you play it on ice, wearing boots, and carrying sticks about the length of broom handles with a big plastic paddle on the end. With these sticks, you attempt to hit a discouraged old soccer ball into a hockey-type goal at either end of the “field”. More often than not, you hit someone else, and even more often the act of hitting the ball, hitting a person, or swinging wildly and hitting nothing inevitably overwhelms your sense of balance, and you fall and hit the ice.

h4. Wham-o!

No, really, it’s fun.

So we played broom ball over at the Millers’. The Millers (and seven other families) live on a small lake located conveniently in their back yard. Since it’s so small (maybe a football field or two in diameter), it freezes fast and thick. When we got there, there was about 8 1/2 inches of ice, and since we’d had no snow, it was the perfect condition for ice skates. Much worse if you’re just wearing boots. Super-extra-slick. The moon was full, and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. For two hours, we slid, skittered, and slipped our way around in the cold blue moonlight, tripping, falling, whacking, thwacking and occasionally scoring. It was a grand old time, and I’ve spent the last four days convalescing from my bumps and bruises.

So the sum of it is, I think I’m going to like the winter up here. I’ll let you know if I still think that when I contract cabin fever sometime in mid-February.

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    An unrelated note, but I thought you’d want to know: they started giving out the Tower today. People like it. A lot. :)

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