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Archive for January, 2004

Oh Frabjous Day, Kaloo, Kalay (sorry Mike)

I sold my first article today. $35 for 370 words. You can see it here, at least for the next week or so.

This means that I am now a professional writer. I’m trying very hard to contain myself.

<g&gt :D </g>

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When I walked outside this morning, it was around -17°F. That’s temperature, not wind chill. As I write this, is reporting a current temperature of -12°F, with a high approaching 1°F and dangerous wind chills approaching -40°F.

Becky, our resident school-teacher, showed up at breakfast this morning in casual clothes—all the local schools [...]


I received my first real “call for submissions” of my post-college life today. A friend of mine over at Tyndale House is looking for short articles on spiritual topics. So, today I went back and revised one of my old entries. The major problem: the original essay (nay, essaylet) is around [...]

Two observations.


Housekeeping duty this morning. While vacuuming Kenozha, one of the guest cabins, I got to thinking about words, specifically the way William Faulkner writes about them in As I Lay Dying, with such distrust. Why would a writer, and indeed a large portion of the Modern movement, have such a deeply-ingrained suspicion for [...]

Channeling the rage.

Anyone who knows me at all knows that I’m fairly calm and mild-mannered. So, for those who do, please excuse the following digression—I’m probably overreacting. For those who don’t know me from Adam, well, I’m not always like this. Really, I’m not.

I’ve dabbled some in web design these past few years, and [...]

Wind chill, metrics, and the romance of being cold.

According to, it’s just a smidgen below zero degrees Fahrenheit outside, with a wind chill of -14°F. Sometime tonight, it’s to drop down to -23°F, with a wind chill of “oh my goodness that’s cold”°F. On Friday, we had a high of 37°F. Vive le difference, or however it is they [...]