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Archive for February, 2004

Advanced Microwave Technique 341.

The problem: You want a cookie, but the only cookies left in the stash are rock-hard tooth-busting pucks.

The solution: Take a length of paper towel (enough to completely wrap the cookie). Run it under tap water so it is good and soaked. Squeeze the excess water out of the towel. Wrap the [...]

Behold, the man.

If you watch The Passion of the Christ with a critical eye, you will see behind it the figure of a man. That man is Mel Gibson, and he figures strongly into his own work. What he emphasizes, what he deemphasizes, what he adds, what he subtracts, all these add a distinct texture [...]

Down the memory hole.

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Do I really sound like that?

Someone told me, after hearing my voicemail greeting, that I should find a job as an NPR announcer. I wasn’t sure how to respond. Is this a compliment?

Office humor.

Quote of the day, from Anne, one of the volunteer office workers:

Some days, you just want to get under the desk and go to sleep.

Never settle.

Lately I’ve become less than satisfied with newstalk in its current incarnation. Especially the sidebar—I don’t like the sidebar. Do you like the sidebar? I don’t. There are other things, but perhaps I should just list out some of the changes I want to see made:

The Three Legged Stool of Style:

XHTML. [...]

Where angels fear not.

My guess is you haven’t heard of them. Before you do anything else, go check out the thought-provoking work they’re doing over at Malakhim, a spiffy webcomic serial about angels among us. I’ve been meaning to plug them for awhile, as it’s a project by some old friends of mine. Take the [...]

Teasing the iceberg: narrative-enabling technology and you.

If you’ve spent much time elsewhere on this site (and if you haven’t, don’t go rushing—there’s not much there), then you might have noticed a rather enigmatic tagline on the main index:

Everyone You Know Desires Narrative Enabling Technology.

If you’ve noticed it, drink a shot of orange juice and keep playing along. You’re not the [...]