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Archive for May, 2004

Away for a week.

As a part of all-camp orientation, we’re going on an Internet fast. No email, no websurfing, no computer-entertainment, except as work requires. So, I’ll be dropping away for a little bit. Nothing unusual about that, but I don’t want anybody to say, “Oh, there he goes again.” Don’t worry. I’ll [...]

An applied lesson.

Anyone who has ever used Photoshop should know this already. But for those of you unschooled in the Ways of Power, know this: Never put your photo on the internet.

As a corollary, from here on out: never trust a photograph unless you took it yourself.

What I’ve been trying to say all along.

I ran across an excellent essay by graphic novel writer/artist Dylan Horrocks, via Slashdot. Horrocks tackles the question, “What is art?”, emphasizing the point that the Establishment definition of “serious” art is eternally lagging behind the real life-flow of culture which is producing next-century’s Establishment. He takes a number of examples, from comics [...]


I’m tired and yawning right now. So, while I wait for blue bars to crawl their way across various screens here in my office (as green LEDs flicker hypnotically), I’m brewing some tea and taking a breather. What kind of tea? Why Celestial Seasonings Original India Spice Teahouse Chai (formerly Mountain Chai), [...]


Happy birthday and a very happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

Todays’ word is: Word.

Yep, I’m alive. Man, when you drop silent for two months, everybody complains. I don’t really have any good excuses, so I’ll just continue on like nothing happened.

Winter is over. Spring’s not quite here yet. We’re Inbetween right now.

Whether or not Spring is coming, Summer starts in exactly one week. [...]