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Archive for September, 2004

Back from the debates.

Rather accidentally, I discovered that the first presidential debate was tonight. I watched it in the Reading Room in “Buswell Library”: I’d been hoping to catch them, as I really wanted to see Bush and Kerry speaking extemporaneously, without the usual amount of scripting that accompanies most of their other appearances. It [...]

Story Bytes - World’s Shortest Stories - Fiction with Lengths a Power of 2.

Ran across an interesting link: Story Bytes, an e-zine dedicated to very short stories, with word counts between 2 and 2048 (and always a power of 2), not including the title. Needless to say, the shorter ones are mostly larks (with long titles), but beginning in the 64-word stories, they start getting interesting. [...]

Between Hope and Fear: The Delphi Age

Over at Between Hope and Fear is a fascinating article connecting Eric Raymond’s The Cathedral and the Bazaar (a treatise on the revolutionary Open Source software development model) and recent events, including the rise of the bloggers as a collective fact-checking news self-organization, and the rise of Wikipedia as the largest encyclopedia in the world. [...]

And I say to you tonight, let us not forget: there is Hope.

I sit here tonight tired and slightly confused. Tonight there are wars, and rumors of war. With darkness and fatigue comes fear. Divisions I perceive threaten to tear apart the very fabric of my nation as the barbarians wait outside the gates, sitting impatiently around their mellow fires. When Pandora opened [...]

The first day.

Today began the first day of my new career as a serious writer. Wordcount for the morning: 364. Interesting links discovered in research: the Model 9 Portable Baptistry.

Increasing connectedness.

Over at Winds of Change, here’s a round-up of Good News from Afghanistan. This is heartening stuff. Notice a theme in all of these: these are all stories about increasing connectedness, both among Afghanis themselves, and between Afghanistan and the world. Increasing connectedness is the story of globalization and the answer [...]

Nigerian farm.

Nigerian Farm Originally uploaded by Carol J Carpenter.

This is another test. It is a photo of a Nigerian Farm, by Carol J. Carpenter. Found on


This is a test post from , a fancy photo sharing thing.

So, I’ve been getting fed up with the limited system resources on my Pentium II laptop. Running big apps like Firefox, Thunderbird, SharpReader, and OpenOffice has been as slow as mud. Slower even. Enter Links to lots of useful apps for everything you ever need to do, all free, all [...]

Take back the web, pt. II.

Shoot–I broke my streak. Six days, at least one post per day. A new record, I think. In other news, the Mozilla Foundation has released Mozilla Firefox 1.0PR, a Preview Release of the upcoming milestone 1.0 of the browser. This browser just gets better and better. If you haven’t [...]