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Archive for October, 2004

Why haven’t you started reading Malakhim yet?

Over at Enchanted Visions there’s a really good interview with Aleph, the creator of my favorite webcomic, Malakhim. Well, okay, it’s the only webcomic that I read regularly, which automatically classifies it as my favorite. Technicalities aside, if you’ve never read Malakhim, you should start with the beginning of the current story arc. [...]

Just friends.

And then one day you think you might have possibly found it. There it is, hanging out over the edge of the cliff, seemingly just out of reach. You consider the situation, try and judge the distance. You might just be able to make it. You lean out over the abyss. [...]

Volcanoes and news.

Mount St. Helens is erupting again, and for the second time in my life, I’m missing it. The first time, I was in the womb. This time, I’m not sure what my excuse is. Hearing familiar acronyms of the local news agencies–KATU, KOIN–brings an odd sense of homesickness, like a missing limb [...]