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Archive for November, 2004


I did some site maintenance today. The main site, “”: is now managed and rendered by “Wordpress”: The main site, “newstalk”: and “subverbia”: now all share the same stylesheet, which makes it much easier to make small changes to the overall look of the site, and allows me to finally unify the site’s [...]

Happy Mmmhmmm Day

Happy Thanksgiving, to anyone who might be out there listening. Actually, I hope that instead of reading this, you’re out somewhere surrounded by warmth, family, friends, and good food. That’s where I’ll be soon. Let’s take a moment and be thankful for the abundance we are surrounded with every day of our [...]

Hmm? Oh, yes.

“Mike”: was “bugging me this morning”: for not posting. As “Malakhim”: is currently on hiatus for “technical difficulties”:, I guess I do need something to replace my “previous post”: So, I’m still here. I’ve settled into a comfortable routine of reading, working, writing, socializing, sleeping (not necessarily in that order). I’ve [...]