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bq. To say that something is random is to say that you do not understand it.

I made this statement a “few posts back”:http://, and I think this is a good time to qualify it, because it’s come up again. Sit back and relax, because to unpack this concept, a story is required.

So, I’m using [...]

Additives I have known and loved.

I have discovered my new favorite coffee additive. Those of you who know me will know that I have always liked my coffee black, so this is a very special day. But what is it?

The winner is: black pepper. Mind you, added to the grounds, not the brew. I’m still [...]

Adventures in Chicagoland.

My good friend and adopted sister1 Eleanor arrived Tuesday night for a visit. I picked her up at O’Hare with surprising little trouble (I don’t know what we would have done without instant flight status reports and cell phones, but it wouldn’t have been quite so easy). She planned to stay that night [...]


All possible two digit combinations, as one string of digits:

1234567898765432135792468642973147 4193366994488552277539596372582838 491817161511026203040506070809001

Please, feel free to check the math.

The last three posts were brought to you by the letter P.

While I was on Christmas break back home in Washington state, I wrote some intended posts but didn’t get to post them in a timely fashion, mainly since A) I didn’t have a network connection at the time of writing and B) I’ve been procrastinating at putting them up. Well, I procrastinated no longer: [...]

Notes for a flight over San Francisco at sunset.

Coming in over the white cotton-stuff cumulus banks, a break in the clouds reveals the striking red curves and peaks of the Golden Gate Bridge. The sun glows redly above the clouds, but beneath us San Francisco lies bathed in grey. In my mind’s eye, I can see the Klingon Bird of Prey [...]

Heading somewhere.

I’m in the Portland airport right this minute, just inside the security checkpoint, at the Starbucks. There are signs around here that say “free wi-fi” but I’m not picking up a signal, so I must be in a dead zone. If I pick up a signal soon, I’ll post this now. If [...]

An odd dream.

I had a strange dream last night, strange mainly for the vivid clarity with which I remember it, as I rarely ever remember my dreams, even vaguely. But it also seems strangely symbolic for some reason. Any Josephs in the crowd? Anyway, here it is:

I was in the yearbook office at Wheaton [...]

This is trivial.

I went and cleaned up the category system. Categorical hierarchies are, generally, brittle. I tend to range so far and abroad that I always found myself having to add new categories or simply file everything under “general”. Well, no more of that. Applying the KISS principle, we now have the following [...]

Happy New Year!

And again I say, Happy New Year!