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Archive for March, 2005

The days are just packd.

First warm weather of the year this week. Spring is here! Summer near! Everyone on campus is wearing shorts and experimenting with sitting out on the grass, even though the late-March wind has been especially mischievous.

Myself, I’m plugging away. Work started out busy this week, but has been subsiding again. [...]

Good Friday.

Another Good Friday gone by. It feels like a very long time since the last one. I barely had occasion to observe Lent and Holy Week last year while at HoneyRock. This is then my second year of seriously observing these ancient traditions, and I’m thankful to have a church which inspires [...]

Radio-friendly unit tester.

When everybody leaves on break and I find myself here with lots of time and space to myself, I tend to slip into left-brained introvert mode. Historically, this has meant either learning a new programming language, a coding spree, or both. This time around, it’s the latter. I’ve been dusting off my [...]

And then it started snowing again.

On Sunday, we had a high of 54° and sunny with clear skies. Right now, it’s 31° and snowing steadily. Everyone here on campus is gone on Spring Break, everyone except the tireless employees of Wheaton College! All in all, campus is quiet. The Print Shoppe has been slow, though not [...]