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I worked on the church set-up crew on Sunday morning. Everything went well. At one point, while I was moving one of the banners, my friend Andy came over. Andy’s in charge of all the set-up crews, so to thank me, he grabbed me by the shoulders and started massaging them. Of course, I immediately [...]

New update schedule.

In other news, from now on I’ll be updating this site on Tuesdays and Fridays, if the bridge holds and the creek don’t rise. If I miss an update, you, dear reader, are given permission to smite me.

Update: 2 months later

Well, I’ve done fairly well. I’ve missed a number of updates, and “Tuesdays [...]

Serendipity Year

Cross-posted from my super-duper giganto-email update:

Where to begin? Probably some of you haven’t heard from me since graduation. Here’s a quick list of my accomplishments:

Spent a summer at HoneyRock teaching Archery to campers. One summer turned into 15 months at HoneyRock, where I:

fixed computers ran sound for events laid a foundation for a new operations complex cleaned toilets de-boned [...]


Moving weekend. Been packing all week. Today we went through and cleaned the house from attic to main level. Tomorrow I’ll take the first car-load of boxes to my new apartment.

I won’t be near email much, if you’re trying to contact me. Best bet is to call my cell phone, if [...]