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Archive for September, 2005


Dear Mr. SLYDOR:

I have received your kind note: “Triad Group ownz you by SLYDOR amo te joana”. My webhost provider pointed it out to me, and I am touched that someone would take the time to deface my site. In fact, I have never been 0wz0r3d before, being born a free man. [...]

Friday == Saturday

I’ve had my head deep in some python code the last few days. I’m struggling with a lot of new concepts I’ve been learning, and it’s all very slowly coming into focus. I’ve also been tool-gathering, so that I can streamline the test-driven development process. Tool-gathering is always a lot of work [...]


I’ve been doing lots of thinking, but no thoughts yet, and no writing that I can put up here (yet). I have been writing, though, which serves the purpose of the Tue/Fri schedule. Also been reading some interesting stuff. Read this if you have some time–it’s an interesting metaphor for the way [...]

The sickness unto life.

I missed last Friday’s update because I was back home at a wedding, and I had neither time to write nor an internet connection. Being home was great. The wedding was spectacular–friends you’ve known since the first grade don’t often get married. (I’ll pause a moment to let you parse that one.) [Took me [...]

The nightstand.

I took a picture of the nightstand in all its splendour in its new home beside my desk. Gaze upon its glory.

Riches and Glory.

Yesterday was Labor Day, and the afternoon full of friends and food and games. So full, in fact, that I didn’t get to some other errands until quite a bit later than I expected. The good news: I found some excellent Labor Day clearance sales on things I’d been needing for some time, [...]

PyWeek is over, and so am I.

PyWeek ended yesterday. We finished, just not with a complete game–more of a physics demo. It was quite a ride, and I learned a lot, so I’m glad I participated. Michal, our team leader, has a good summary of the week.

Geeking out: part II.

Referencing this, I have just discovered synergy, which is the coolest thing in the world. I have a desktop and a laptop, and they are now sharing one keyboard and one mouse over the network. You move the mouse to the edge of one screen and it shows up on the other. [...]

The Friday Night Report.

Friday night is a loose term, I admit. I should be updating at saner times beginning next Tuesday.

Today was the perfect Friday:

A beautiful, sunny day, but not too hot. A Friday before a three-day weekend. A payday Friday.

I do not think you could do better than this Friday has done. My paycheck even had a [...]