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My people.

A few years ago, I was introduced to the concept of “my people”–authors and thinkers whom I can really jam with (thanks, Eleanor!). At the time, I didn’t really know who my people were, but ever since, I’ve been building up a list. Currently, my list includes the following, in no particular order:

  • Douglas Coupland — An author with a true Pacific Northwest mentality and his finger on the pulse of my generation.
  • Orson Scott Card — The only talented mainstream contemporary sf author I’ve ever read who takes issues of faith seriously. (If you know of another, please let me know.)
  • C.S. Lewis — Does he need introduction? An erudite Christian scholar who also just happened to write the Space Trilogy, the best space fantasy I’ve ever read. His apologetics are inspiring, too.
  • J.R.R. Tolkien — The original world-builder. This man single-handedly invented the modern fantasy novel, and the genre’s lived under his shadow ever since.
  • Sir Philip Sidney — His theory of literature is laughed at in the modern academy, but I think it’s crucial to a Christian author: good literature inspires us to be virtuous.
  • Chris Crawford — The old man of computer game design, and a recent addition to the list. He’s done some ground-breaking work in computer-based storytelling.
  • Dan Simmons — Genre-hopping giant, author of the Hyperion saga and other works of deeply literary sf.
  • John C. Wright — A relatively new sf author, but wow. If my first novel can be even half as good as his first novel (and subsequent trilogy), then I’ll consider myself lucky.

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