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Wherein I am busy, and newstalk enters a brief period of somnolescence.

So, in the last few weeks, my life has taken quite a turn. I have a new lady friend, work has picked up, and two new “business opportunities” have landed in my lap. I am going to be quite busy, at least through Christmas. If I get any writing done during the next month, it likely won’t be for newstalk. Them’s the breaks.

So, while you’re pining for my narrative stylisms, take some time to visit all the links I’ve put up on my “regular reads” list. You might find them interesting. I certainly do.

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3 Responses to “Wherein I am busy, and newstalk enters a brief period of somnolescence.”

  1. 1

    huzzah for eyke and his special lady! happy thanksgiving to you and i’d gladly give you a quarter of million dollars if i had it.



  2. 2

    Hey Eyk, finally read your mass-mail, so I guess I’m a couple months brhind the times; just saying hi!

  3. 3

    I think your “special lady” is pretty and special. I’ve known her all her life. I’m praying for both of you! Blest, Cal

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