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The ad-man cometh

As you might notice, I’m experimenting with placing ads on newstalk. I have this hazy idea that it would be nice for my sites to pay for their own hosting (~$15 a month, currently), with the idea of eventually upgrading to a more featureful account and making some improvements in the way I currently run things.

I also have a couple of articles in the archives that have proved strangely popular, with a decent PageRank on Google and once-lively comment sections. I’m hoping that some of the contextual ads might actually prove to be helpful to the unique visitors that I get to these targeted pages.

My goal in all this is to maintain a tasteful, readable site. I’d hate to annoy you, my loyal readers. If you find a particular ad placement annoying or distracting to the eye as you read, please let me know on the feedback form, and I’ll see if I can’t improve things. Like I said, this is an experiment, and I make no guarantees that the ads will go or stay.

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