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Christianity and Science.

(But having nothing to do with Christian Science…)

Brief Introduction

So, I’ve been trying, and unsuccessfully at that, to stay out of the Evolution vs. ID vs. Christianity vs. your children debate that’s been flaming around lately. As I mentioned earlier, I’m rather tired of the debate, and I have my suspicions that the whole thing is just an extension [...]

Wind chill, metrics, and the romance of being cold.

According to, it’s just a smidgen below zero degrees Fahrenheit outside, with a wind chill of -14°F. Sometime tonight, it’s to drop down to -23°F, with a wind chill of “oh my goodness that’s cold”°F. On Friday, we had a high of 37°F. Vive le difference, or however it is they [...]

Better than you probably think.

Two political entries in two days. This one from a Bush speech (or excerpts and commentary from the Washington Post, as the case may be):

America cannot retreat from our responsibilities and hope for the best. Our security will not be gained by timid measures. Our security requires constant vigilance and decisive action. I believe [...]