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Focus, Redux

Nearly three years ago, I wrote about focus. This is my update on all that, and my rationale for reviving a near-dead blog. If you don’t want to read this lengthy screed, I’ll sum it up here:

I have to start writing again. Regularly. Newstalk is my chosen venue. If I don’t write here several times a week, please harass [...]

Before there was time

This is why I love John C. Wright:

If timespace came into being with the moment of the Singularity (to give the Big Bang a more dignified name), then what was the condition of the universe (if there was a universe) before this point? Was it the collapse of a previous [...]

The future is something else entirely.

Back in 2003, I gave an update on my plans for the future. Five years later, I believe it’s time to revisit these. I’ve thrown out a bunch, updated the pertinent ones, and added some new blood.

Walk across the country. I’ve gotten a lot of walking done, at least. Write the Great American sf Novel. I’ve got a few chapters. Push-ups. [...]

The future is more less extreme than you think.

Back in April I came up with a list of “possibilities” for the Fall. Here’s a quick summary of how it’s developing:

Sea-kayak across the Bering Strait. Need to learn to kayak first. Corner the market in pork. Still trying to find a broker who won’t laugh at me. Walk across the country. Maybe later. Memorize War & [...]

The future

“The future’s shrouded terror lurks / beneath the seen and heard; its visage casts / all shadows, its soft tread the night disturbs.” I wrote that last semester sometime, and those words are coming back to, quite literally, haunt me now. My summer is accounted for, at HoneyRock, but after that, then what?

Steve and [...]