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Well, I’m finally doing it. I’m upgrading to the new WordPress. The site may experience some technical difficulties over the next few hours, or weeks. :) Expect some design changes too. You have been warned.

Update 12-Oct – That went better than I expected. You’re now looking at the new [...]


I did some site maintenance today. The main site, “”: is now managed and rendered by “Wordpress”: The main site, “newstalk”: and “subverbia”: now all share the same stylesheet, which makes it much easier to make small changes to the overall look of the site, and allows me to finally unify the site’s [...]

Back from the debates.

Rather accidentally, I discovered that the first presidential debate was tonight. I watched it in the Reading Room in “Buswell Library”: I’d been hoping to catch them, as I really wanted to see Bush and Kerry speaking extemporaneously, without the usual amount of scripting that accompanies most of their other appearances. It [...]

Never settle.

Lately I’ve become less than satisfied with newstalk in its current incarnation. Especially the sidebar—I don’t like the sidebar. Do you like the sidebar? I don’t. There are other things, but perhaps I should just list out some of the changes I want to see made:

The Three Legged Stool of Style:

XHTML. [...]

Channeling the rage.

Anyone who knows me at all knows that I’m fairly calm and mild-mannered. So, for those who do, please excuse the following digression—I’m probably overreacting. For those who don’t know me from Adam, well, I’m not always like this. Really, I’m not.

I’ve dabbled some in web design these past few years, and [...]



p>By the way, for any of you webheads out there (you know who you are), I highly recommend the W3C’s MarkUp Validation Service. As you might notice from the bottom of the page, I keep a