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On that note.

After mentioning Orson Scott Card, I found this fascinating article discussing Ender’s Game and the ethics of violence therein. Stuff you don’t notice when you read a book at the tender age of 14. So perhaps I should qualify myself–Card and I see eye-to-eye on many things, but that doesn’t mean I think [...]

My people.

A few years ago, I was introduced to the concept of “my people”–authors and thinkers whom I can really jam with (thanks, Eleanor!). At the time, I didn’t really know who my people were, but ever since, I’ve been building up a list. Currently, my list includes the following, in no particular order:

Douglas [...]


On Saturday, I went and saw Serenity. The audio cut out for about fifteen minutes during the first half, so we all got free movie passes at the end.

On Sunday, I went and saw Serenity again.

If I had $9.50 to spare, I would have gone and seen it again yesterday. Likewise, today. [...]