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And then it started to rain.

We drove west on Highway 2 through the eastern shore of the U.P. along Lake Michigan, Cynthia at the wheel, myself riding shotgun. The sun shone brightly and we drove with the windows cracked. There were clouds far on the horizon, but here the day promised to be beautiful. We were both exhausted, [...]

The future is more less extreme than you think.

Back in April I came up with a list of “possibilities” for the Fall. Here’s a quick summary of how it’s developing:

Sea-kayak across the Bering Strait. Need to learn to kayak first. Corner the market in pork. Still trying to find a broker who won’t laugh at me. Walk across the country. Maybe later. Memorize War & [...]

Many miles later…

The trip meter on my car is currently reading 107 miles. Not much, on the face of it. But, consider that it was at zero when I started on my trip, and that the three-point-one digit meter has wrapped around three times Not bad for a week-and-a-few’s work.

The Northwestern states are [...]

Home again, home again, jiggety jig.

Home. I’m home. Of course, I’m leaving again tomorrow morning, but still, the thought counts. I flew in to PDX on Monday, saw the folks, my aunt, my cousins, and my dog (not necessarily in that order). It’s a bit odd being home in August—it’s right in the middle of that [...]