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The TRUTH: Why the Kindle Will Fail

With all the brouhaha over the new Kindle 2, many are speculating on the future of Amazon’s eBook reader. Yet few people know the secret history of the Kindle. This history must be revaled before people understand the TRUE reasons why the Kindle will fail. Share this:Close Bookmark and Share This Page Save to Browser Favorites / BookmarksAskbackflipblinklistBlogBookmarkBloglinesBlogMarksBlogsvineBuddyMarksBUMPzee!CiteULikeco.mmentsConnoteadel.icio.usDiggdiigoDotNetKicksDropJackdzoneFacebookFarkFavesFeed Me LinksFriendsitefolkd.comFurlGoogleHuggJamespotJeqqKaboodlekirtsylinkaGoGoLinksMarkerMa.gnoliaMister [...]

Free Sky: A Sample Throughline

Perhaps it will help to describe the throughline of Free Sky, as experienced by the player. This is an attempt at a “user story”, describing a specific play-through.

I believe the horse has something to say.

(Referencing this article from the New Yorker, via Mike:)

“Ah, yes,” demanded the Philosopher. The arm stretched out. The finger pointed. The cheeks tugged. The lips tightened. The brow dipped. The smirk bowed for applause.

Before the learned one, the saint: His knees bruised, his eyes damp, His garment stained, his head hung; Doubt had taken unaware the holy [...]

Adam, remembering upon returning to Eden:

My sons all had a foolish notion that burnt sacrifices would somehow appease the Maker. Perhaps, they thought, He might change His mind and allow us back into His good grace. Such is the foolishness of children. I always promised myself, if I ever found Eden again, I would cut down all [...]

The first day.

Today began the first day of my new career as a serious writer. Wordcount for the morning: 364. Interesting links discovered in research: the Model 9 Portable Baptistry.

The future is more less extreme than you think.

Back in April I came up with a list of “possibilities” for the Fall. Here’s a quick summary of how it’s developing:

Sea-kayak across the Bering Strait. Need to learn to kayak first. Corner the market in pork. Still trying to find a broker who won’t laugh at me. Walk across the country. Maybe later. Memorize War & [...]