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Building for persistence at a fundamental level.

One of the first problems I tackled in my prototype was persistence, because I foresaw the difficulties of object serialisation, and I feared them. Because I’ve chosen Python as my language of first resort, serialisation isn’t as big of an issue as it would be, say, in C++: it’s built in to the language as the pickle module. The mechanics [...]

Enabling data-driven object construction.

In my research, I’ve spent a lot of time reading what the developers of rogue-likes have to say. One of the more famous rogue-likes, Angband, uses text files to define just about everything in the game. This sounds a lot like the Pragmatic Programmer dictum: “put abstractions in code, details in metadata.”

Free Sky: Objects in Space

For a comprehensive RPG like Free Sky, we’re going to need a good object system. This system should be no more complicated than necessary, allowing for easy design of game objects and quick overhauls when the game design changes. This mini-series will be a quick sketch of my thoughts toward this end.

Some principles, before I get started:

Enable data-driven object [...]

What I would do if I had $250,000.

Anyone out there want to start a game company with me?

The terrible secrets of dynamic Python.

In honor of the new “geeky” category, I’d like to skim over the joys and terrors of dynamic Python.

New category: “geeky”.

I’m adding a new category: “geeky”. Mind you, it’s not because geeky things are not “the truth”, nor is it because geeky things are never “trivial”, but simply because there are things that I occasionally talk about that the mainstream reader (that is, most of the people I know) might not find interesting, [...]