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Walking together.

And then one day you’re just walking along the road, minding your own business, doing your best to ignore all the interesting things one might see (but never reach) over there, when she comes up alongside you and starts to walk with you. Before you even realize what’s happening, the two of you have [...]


Dear Mr. SLYDOR:

I have received your kind note: “Triad Group ownz you by SLYDOR amo te joana”. My webhost provider pointed it out to me, and I am touched that someone would take the time to deface my site. In fact, I have never been 0wz0r3d before, being born a free man. [...]

What is faith?

So, for some reason the original body of this post went to the big memory-hole in the sky, leaving for several days an unintentionally bleak commentary on the headline. However, I am not a Nihilist, but a Christian, so I will fill the emptiness with substance, and I will direct your attention to my [...]

Review: Embodiment and Humanity in Schild’s Ladder.

4.0 out of 5. A thrilling cosmological speculation driven by a powerful human question.

Spondees and dactyls and distichs–Oh my!

It seems sometimes I must choose: do I sleep, or do I stay up and write? I’ve found that I do some of my best writing late, when the house is quiet and the interruptions are few. Last night, though I could have gone to bed early, I instead stayed up and [...]

An odd dream.

I had a strange dream last night, strange mainly for the vivid clarity with which I remember it, as I rarely ever remember my dreams, even vaguely. But it also seems strangely symbolic for some reason. Any Josephs in the crowd? Anyway, here it is:

I was in the yearbook office at Wheaton [...]

Just friends.

And then one day you think you might have possibly found it. There it is, hanging out over the edge of the cliff, seemingly just out of reach. You consider the situation, try and judge the distance. You might just be able to make it. You lean out over the abyss. [...]