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Putting aside faction

Once again, John C. Wright finds the perfect blend of religion, philosophy, history, and politics:

The Founding Fathers hated faction and the spirit of faction, and this republic cannot stand if we cannot pack away the language and passions of faction, once the election is over, in the same way we pack [...]

What was missing from today’s election?

There were a few things I noticed lacking in my polling place experience this morning:

men with guns threats to withhold food from my family if I didn’t vote, or voted for the “incorrect” candidate. jackboots Republican goons Democrat thugs Green hooligans electioneering, or for that matter, electioneering

What was present at my polling place:

civic spirit (including laughter and energetic enthusiasm from the election volunteers) a toddler [...]

Tightening the belt

So, in other news, I’ve heard that some people are rather upset about the economy. There’s really nothing new about this, of course, but I understand how folks can get a little panicky when a bunch of their money goes up in smoke.

Free Sky: Structure and Story

The goal of Free Sky is to provide the player with the experience of a structured, dynamic, episodic narrative about the player character, his allies and his enemies, in the context of a gritty science fiction interplanetary trade simulation.

By a structured narrative, I mean a coherent plot with a central conflict and several secondary conflicts, producing the familiar pattern of [...]

Free Sky: People

The most important design principle that Free Sky must fulfill comes from the inestimable Chris Crawford:

People, not things.

Free Sky: Series Intro

As I ponder the Free Sky project–what went wrong and how I might turn things around–I’d like to follow Chris Crawford’s advice and write out my ideas in long form, puzzling through the design problems one by one. The goal is to clarify my thinking before I invest more time chasing down rabbit trails and writing even more useless [...]

The future is something else entirely.

Back in 2003, I gave an update on my plans for the future. Five years later, I believe it’s time to revisit these. I’ve thrown out a bunch, updated the pertinent ones, and added some new blood.

Walk across the country. I’ve gotten a lot of walking done, at least. Write the Great American sf Novel. I’ve got a few chapters. Push-ups. [...]

It lives!

After a 2+ year hiatus (getting married had something to do with it, I’m sure), I have resurrected the site. Expect more here, and more on in general.

Oh, by the way…

I’m getting married in less than a week. This might come as a bit of a surprise to some people, but I hope it suffices to explain my long silence. If you want to know more about it, just ask. For the record, she’s smart, she’s beautiful, she’s nice, she’s a good [...]

Wherein I am busy, and newstalk enters a brief period of somnolescence.

So, in the last few weeks, my life has taken quite a turn. I have a new lady friend, work has picked up, and two new “business opportunities” have landed in my lap. I am going to be quite busy, at least through Christmas. If I get any writing done during the [...]