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Do you ever wonder? (in haiku)

Iodized salt. Why? Sodium thiosulfate? Why not just plain salt? Share this:Close Bookmark and Share This Page Save to Browser Favorites / BookmarksAskbackflipblinklistBlogBookmarkBloglinesBlogMarksBlogsvineBuddyMarksBUMPzee!CiteULikeco.mmentsConnoteadel.icio.usDiggdiigoDotNetKicksDropJackdzoneFacebookFarkFavesFeed Me LinksFriendsitefolkd.comFurlGoogleHuggJamespotJeqqKaboodlekirtsylinkaGoGoLinksMarkerMa.gnoliaMister WongMixxMySpaceMyWebNetvouzNewsvineoneviewOnlyWirePlugIMPropellerRedditRojoSegnaloShoutwireSimpySlashdotSphereSphinnSpurlSquidooStumbleUponTechnoratiThisNextTwitterWebrideWindows LiveWorlds MoviesYahoo!Email This to a FriendCopy HTML:  If you like this then please subscribe to the RSS Feed or Email Feed.Powered by Bookmarkify™ More »

Friday == Saturday

I’ve had my head deep in some python code the last few days. I’m struggling with a lot of new concepts I’ve been learning, and it’s all very slowly coming into focus. I’ve also been tool-gathering, so that I can streamline the test-driven development process. Tool-gathering is always a lot of work [...]

The nightstand.

I took a picture of the nightstand in all its splendour in its new home beside my desk. Gaze upon its glory.

The Friday Night Report.

Friday night is a loose term, I admit. I should be updating at saner times beginning next Tuesday.

Today was the perfect Friday:

A beautiful, sunny day, but not too hot. A Friday before a three-day weekend. A payday Friday.

I do not think you could do better than this Friday has done. My paycheck even had a [...]


I worked on the church set-up crew on Sunday morning. Everything went well. At one point, while I was moving one of the banners, my friend Andy came over. Andy’s in charge of all the set-up crews, so to thank me, he grabbed me by the shoulders and started massaging them. Of course, I immediately [...]

Squirrely squirrels.

Yesterday I was playing frisbee golf on campus. After playing the course, we were shooting a couple of holes just for fun. While walking up to my second drive, I saw a squirrel frolicking in the grass beside my disc, which had landed next to a small tree in the center of the [...]

Purple is the new green.

Right now, from where I am sitting, if I look out my window, the only colors I can see are purple, green, brown, blue, and white. The birds are singing. I cannot begin to tell you how good this is for the soul. This is my favorite time of year.

Our house.

I’ve finally taken some pictures of the house I’ve been living in, and uploaded them to “Flickr”: “Go check them out.”:

Additives I have known and loved.

I have discovered my new favorite coffee additive. Those of you who know me will know that I have always liked my coffee black, so this is a very special day. But what is it?

The winner is: black pepper. Mind you, added to the grounds, not the brew. I’m still [...]

The last three posts were brought to you by the letter P.

While I was on Christmas break back home in Washington state, I wrote some intended posts but didn’t get to post them in a timely fashion, mainly since A) I didn’t have a network connection at the time of writing and B) I’ve been procrastinating at putting them up. Well, I procrastinated no longer: [...]